2096. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think Simon lives the exact same life each time. remember that Future Simon had that ASBO 5 video, which was basically erased in this timeline by Curtis. He also had that pic of him and Alisha in Vegas. So I believe that Simon and Alisha could still be on the show

2095. I was more upset when Nadine died than when Alisha died because I felt that Rudy had finally found his place in the world, and no matter what, he deserved that.

2091. I thought that it was awful when they took out Nathan, I missed all of his character quirks, & Rudy is like a half Nathan. Then they went and made it worse by cutting Alisha & Simon. I have not watched series 4 yet, but I know that Kelly goes to Africa & Curtis kills himself, what is the need to get rid of all the original cast? Couldn’t they have added the new cast that had community service & kept the original cast, as recurring roles? The show, now, isn’t as good as series 1 & 2!

2087. doesn’t simon realize that if he keeps going back and time and making alisha fall in love with him, she will have sex with him in the bathroom that day and get killed


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2081. In some way, Curtis’ death was the most beautiful of all. All of the misfits mourned a lover’s death: Kelly-Bruno, Alisha-future Simon, Simon-Alisha, Curtis-Nikki and more I believe. But it wasn’t Curtis’ lover who cried - he didn’t even have one at the moment. It was Rudy, who cried over a friend’s death. I thought it was very moving. Props to Joe Gilgun for his excellent acting.

2077. I get that future Simon had to leave so that Alisha would fall in love with present Simon so that he could become future Simon and save everything. But why did future Simon have to die? He could have taken the drugs that Jamie gave everybody in 2.2 to go back into the future and save Alisha’s life again…

2068. I think it’s stupid that they took Nathan off of Misfits, then Kelly, Simon too. Alisha wasn’t too bad, but her going ain’t bad. Now they kill off Curtis. This is a p***take and I won’t be watching the programme from now on. Either bring back one of the old characters (I.e Nathan, him and Rudy together would be classic and hilarious). Until someone like that comes back, Misfits has lost a viewer.

2062. I think that Simon had a great thing with Alisha, but I think he could have had a healthier relationship with someone else.

2050. Pretty sure Misfits is impossible to play in America, but if it does, Dave Franco (see him in Funny or Die videos) can probably pull off Nathan and maybe Zoe Kravitz as Alisha. All I have so far, any more suggestions?