2096. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t think Simon lives the exact same life each time. remember that Future Simon had that ASBO 5 video, which was basically erased in this timeline by Curtis. He also had that pic of him and Alisha in Vegas. So I believe that Simon and Alisha could still be on the show

2093. In my Film Studies class, we were watching “Isolation”, a film with Ruth Negga in, and it made me feel really sad when I think that Curtis and the rest of the group SEEMINGLY forgot about Nikki. :(

2092. I was really upset when Curtis killed himself. He was probably the most boring of all the original cast, but he was still the last original cast member. I really wish Nathan would come back on the show. It’s not the same without the original cast. So far Season/Series 4 has really disappointed me.

2091. I thought that it was awful when they took out Nathan, I missed all of his character quirks, & Rudy is like a half Nathan. Then they went and made it worse by cutting Alisha & Simon. I have not watched series 4 yet, but I know that Kelly goes to Africa & Curtis kills himself, what is the need to get rid of all the original cast? Couldn’t they have added the new cast that had community service & kept the original cast, as recurring roles? The show, now, isn’t as good as series 1 & 2!

2090. i loved how they kept referencing previous memories in series 4, like the milk guy incident and the zombie cheerleaders

2089. i felt series the four characters lacked any sense of fashion like the original gang in series 1 and especially two. Brands like levis, adidas, converse, and nathan’s harrington were all iconic clothing yet characters like finn, abbey, jess and aex seem to be dressed in boring clothes, the only character who has remained realistic the the fashion in the real world is rudy, who wears puma, adidas and pretty green etc

2088. I wonder if the Script for the Misfits Movie (potential) that is supposedly already written is set in the 3 month period between 2.06 and 2.07. This would allow for exploration of new storytelling within the existing mythology and for all the original misfits to be present

2087. doesn’t simon realize that if he keeps going back and time and making alisha fall in love with him, she will have sex with him in the bathroom that day and get killed

2085. I miss Kelly’s accent and hearing her say ‘fooking’ and ‘for fooks sake’ :/

2084. Overman is coming up with some pretty shitty material imo. he’s clearly running out of ideas. the only good episode so far was episode 4