2007. I miss seeing Antonia’s beautiful face :’( Iwan’s too. Not so much the others. I’ll see their faces again soon enough.

1992. Somtimes when I watch the behind the scenes footage from Misfits’ first season and clips from Iwan’s time doing Spring Awakening, I wonder if the inspiration for making Simon into the parkour loving Superhoodie was partial from Iwan just jumping around and goofing off on set.

1976. The body swap episode would’ve been much better if it were Kelly swapping with Alisha or one of the boys. Who cares about some nobody coma girl? I would’ve loved to have seen Antonia, Iwan, Nathan, or Joe imitating Lauren. Such a missed opportunity for comedy.

1952. I always wonder who left first, Antonia or Iwan.

1951. I feel like the writers make the story about a certain character and then that actor decides to leave because they’ve been offered other things due to getting so much coverage. Maybe if Nathan gets a lot of screen time he’ll follow Robert, Iwan and Antonia.

1950. Simon doesn’t do much for me. But scruffy Iwan with the tousled hair could get it eight ways from Sunday.

1927. The show and the writers severely underestimated Iwan Rheon’s popularity when they were writing series three.

1914. It makes me happy that Antonia, Nathan, and Iwan seem to be really close in real life. Their dorky little friendship makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

1900. I really ship joe gilgun/iwan rheon…

1839. I hate how everyone was like Howard Overman is a genius when he came up with the Superhoodie storyline, but when Iwan and Antonia decided to leave the show and Howard was forced to end it, everyone called Overman stupid and a bad writer. Fan-girls are fickle as hell.