1880. Ever since 2.05 I couldn’t help but wonder, if the future superheroes were dressed as superheroes and the gorilla was dressed as a gorilla, why was Jessica dressed as a cowgirl?

1783. Between the old lady at the community center in episode 2 of series 1, Jessica, and Alisha, I wonder if it was intentional to show that Simon seemed to have a romantic preference for black women.

1017. With the exception of Nathan’s family episodes, no main character has had an episode that didn’t revolve around a significant other/sex partner. All of Simon’s episodes were about Sally, Jessica, or Alisha. Curtis: Sam, Alisha, Nikki, Emma. Kelly: fiance, Nathan, Bruno, Seth. Rudy: Charlie. Alisha’s not getting one with minimal Simon, that’s just the nature of the show.

412. I think Iwan (or mabye just Simon) only likes black girls.. From Season 1- 2, from when they had to dance with the older folks, Simon danced with a large black woman, Simon lost his virginity to a black girl and Simon ends up with Alisha (even though she’s actually latina.) The only time I’ve seen Iwan/Simon with a white woman is when she betrayed and used him. (Besides Kelly)

136. Jessica needed lip balm in the worst way. Her lips were so dry throughout all of 2x05. I felt bad for Simon having to kiss her.

133. I really liked Simon and Jessica, I thought that she was good for him and she was sweet. I think I’m the only one that didn’t like Simon and Alisha together. I just think that if future Simon didn’t come to her she wouldn’t fall for him, she would still be mean to him…